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Professional technical support ability


A set of building insulation and decoration integrated curtain wall panel system that truly meets the comprehensive needs of customers is by no means a random list of products. ALUTILE has many professional technical engineers to ensure the accuracy of engineering drawing analysis and provide customers with professional design, on-site layout and technical consultation.

ALUTILE has a high-quality professional technical team and project management team. From the initial project plan to project design and project management, we always have professional technical personnel by your side to provide you with the ideal building insulation and decoration integrated curtain wall Board system solution.

Scientific communication
Analyze the customer's personalized design plan, provide systematic process analysis, technical consulting and other services, and provide different color, product portfolio and other product configurations according to the customer's design needs.
Solution optimization
Relying on scientific methods, adopting rigorous procedures, providing reasonable decorative curtain wall panels and their system technical installation plan after communicating with customers and considering together.
Technical support
Professional and technical personnel through the evaluation project construction recommendations, personalized design and construction plan, load and structure calculation, detailed treatment design, construction installation drawings, installation guidance and other services.

Solution optimization and technical guidance process


Usually we will understand the needs of customers in detail, strive to get ideal value for customers, and provide the ideal architectural decoration integrated curtain wall panel system solution.


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