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Intimate customer service capabilities


ALUTILE always provides professional, high-quality, intimate and efficient services, collects and feedbacks customer opinions to ensure the quality of products and services.

ALUTILE inherits the ingenuity quality. Since 1995, it has focused on the curtain wall sheet industry for more than 20 years. From the introduction of German technology to produce aluminum-plastic panels instead of imports, to the innovation of product exports, it has formed an aluminum composite metal sheet. , Insulation board, aluminum veneer supplemented metal curtain wall board product series. ALUTILE not only has many honors in the industry, but also attaches great importance to innovation, many products have independent intellectual property rights.


Express service


With the one-on-one quick response from the customer service team, experienced technical team, abundant raw material inventory and economic and efficient logistics and distribution channels, ALUTILE provides customers with fast and thoughtful services, and responds to customer needs quickly and with utmost efforts.

Reliable service


More than half of our technical staff have many years of service experience in Alitay, and its high professionalism brings a reliable sense of security. In addition, Alitay's unique all-inclusive service can proactively propose rationalization suggestions for installation, construction and maintenance according to the actual situation of customers, so that the composite (insulation) decorative panel system will remain beautiful and new for a long time.

Convenient service


When customers call the customer service center, they can immediately get one-to-one support resources from Alita. Take advantage of Yalitai's technical advantages to provide customers with one-stop service of design, manufacturing, and after-sales service to help customers solve problems.

Caring service


ALUTILE helps customers more intuitively understand the daily maintenance, environmental load and warranty service records of the composite (insulation) decorative panel system, helps customers strengthen their daily maintenance management capabilities, Achieve higher value for customers.

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