The Chemosynthesis Line
Clean out the lubricating oil and anti-oxidative oil adhered to the surface while being rolled and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium, iron and copper settled on the surface of rolled material.  We use qualified chemical and advanced technology from Henkel Co., Germany to do the surface treatment.  By means of the technology, a covered film covers the surface with high density, making paint and metal rolls firmly adhere to each other.  Therefore, it has very strong adhesive force.


The Precision Coating Line
The line is precisely to coat the chemosynthesized rolls under sealed and dustless condition, according to the demands of customer by using an advanced multiple-roller reversal precision coating equipment so that the coating thickness and appearance can be controlled properly.  Therefore, the coating reaches the optimized condition in its solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility and possesses even gloss, strong adhesive force and weather resistance.


The Core Panel Production Line for Metal Composite Panel
Equipped with the microcomputer temperature control system and speed control system, including frequency changeable and adjustable speed in vector grade, the line provides the best polyethylene or fire-resistant core reaches over 8000 tons.


The High-speed, Digital Control Punching Line
The high-speed punching machine with digital control is unique in China up to now, having the super width. Its precision can reach 0.01mm. The machine is applied for the special structure punching in core layer of the metal composite decorative panel and for processing the metal ceiling in high quality.  After punching, all kinds of dusts and impurities settled on the surface of the material are cleaned out, such as lubricating oil, anti-oxidative oil, silicon, magnesium, iron, copper etc. Finally, the composite property can be increased, obtaining the best result.



The Continuous Thermal Compound Line
It can make the surface layer, core layer and bottom layer adhere to high molecular film firmly through the continuous hot pressing, so the panel surface is smooth and even.  With qualified high molecular film, proper technology and strict quality control, we can produce the composite panel with super peeling strength, which is superior to the quality indexes of imported panels in the same kind.