Solid Aluminium Panel

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1. ALUTILE® PVDF Solid Aluminum Panel

ALUTILE® PVDF Solid Aluminum Panel is using high quality and high strength 3003H24、5005H24 aluminum alloy as the base material, the product is coated by three-coating one-baking of PVDF paint which is consist of primer, color finish paint and top clear paint after pre-treatment. We selects Kynar500 PVDF coating provided by international famous coating suppliers such as American PPG, Netherlands AkzoNobel etc. Due to excellent resistance to weathering and UV, the performance of coating can meet the request of AAMA-2605 Standard. 

Character of ALUTILE PVDF Solid Aluminum Panel
1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength.
2. Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance & Superior acid & alkali resistance.
3.Due to good processing performance, it can be processed all kinds of complicated shape such as flat surface, arc surface and spherical surface etc.
4.Various color and good decorative effect.
5.Anti-contamination & Easy to clean and maintain.
6.Quick and convenient installation & construction.
Application Scope:
Curtain wall, column, balcony, clapboard package, elevated corridor, pedestrian bridge, elevator wrap, interior decoration, interior ceiling, advertising signs, elevated corridor etc. The Solid Aluminum Panels are widely used for the airport, station, subway, light rail, bridge, canopy, exhibition centre, office building, exhibition centre, shopping mall, stadium, commercial center, hospital, theatre, college and residential district etc.

ALUTILE Solid Aluminium Panel Structure Drawing 

2. ALUTILE® Aluminum Ceilings

ALUTILE® Aluminum Ceiling is an interior decorative material made of lightweight aluminum alloy, it has the properties lightweight, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance.The different installation system and splicing method of Aluminum ceiling can express the various colors and architectural styles.
Since the easy installation, ALUTILE® Aluminum Ceiling are widely used in the commercial, office, and residential buildings, airport, metro station and exhibition center etc. offering a lightweight, aesthetic, and eco-friendly Option for interior decoration.



3. ALUTILE® Hyperboloid Solid Aluminum Panel

ALUTILE® Hyperboloid Solid Aluminum Panel is manufactured by imported universal molding machine together with special CNC software of hyperboloid within a short time. Its main features are high precision, smooth surface and precise joint. We can offer the detailed scheme according to client's requirements and customize hyperboloid surfaces and spherical surfaces of any size to create a unique and beautiful three-dimensional shape.


4. ALUTILE® Wood Grain Solid Aluminum Panel

The transfer wood grain aluminum panel transfers the color texture pattern on the surface of panel by the transfer machine under vacuum condition, thereby have protective and decorative effect, moreover it owns the advantage of no pollution, strong adhesion, rich- colored, etc. It is widely used in architecture and indoor decoration of imitating wood grain, which possesses not only the texture effect of natural wood grain but also superior fire resistance performance.


5.ALUTILE® Marble Grain Solid Aluminum Panel

ALUTILE® Marble Grain Solid Aluminum Panel is printed on PVDF coating with the marble film imported from Italy after vacuuming treatment. It does not only possesses the same appearance of marble, but also has excellent properties of PVDF coating.
1. Light weight, low cost
2. Easy to install
3. Environmental protection
4. Anti-dirty and self-cleaning
5. Good color retention, good physical performance, easy to process a variety of shapes



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