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High-energy production base Advanced technology equipment


ALUTILE has a metal curtain wall (roofing) product production base with an annual production capacity of more than 14 million square meters, and establishes a unified, scientific and manufacturing management system with a high-efficiency production model as its core, which is in line with international advanced management models, and emphasizes Design optimization and continuous improvement.

ALUTILE has heavily invested in introducing complete set of Aluminum Composite Panel (includes the Chemsynthesis line, the Precision coating line and the continuous thermal compound line), the automatic continous production for metal surface insulation imported from Italy, the  advanced automatic CNC punching machine, continuous auotmatic spraying coating line for solid Aluminum Panel, Fire resistance Aluminum Composite Panel production line.and use the American AB company control system for refined production control, reducing production costs and improving product quality. At the same time, it adopts advanced production technology, implements a scientific, systematic and automated production process, and strives for excellence in every detail of production, making ALUTILE products leap into synchronized quality with global high-end metal curtain wall (roofing) products.


Advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology


ALUTILE insists on taking automation and high-effiency production mode as its core, ALUTILE has integrated infrared ultra-short wave baking equipment, long furnace wall multi-region composite equipment, Italian automatic metal surface insulation board continuous production line, three-coating and one-baking assembly line, large-scale CNC machine tools and other world-class production equipment, processes, technology and strict manufacturing management, coupled with skilled technical workers, can maximize work efficiency and reduce errors to lay the foundation for the birth of high-quality products.

Production line video

Scientific testing, high standard quality control


ALUTILE introduced and long-term adhered to the implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system and 5S on-site management, guided by customer goals, equipped with complete product quality testing equipment to control every process of the entire production process from raw materials to factory, Improve the performance indicators of the product to the limit.

Aluminum composite panel production line
Aluminum-plastic composite board production line
Raw material workshop
Metal insulation board production line
production line
Aluminum veneer production line

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