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Global partners


The quality of raw materials is one of the important factors that determine the quality of metal curtain wall (roofing) products. Based on the four principles of technology-based, design-oriented, excellent quality and perfect service, Alitai evaluates each item with a harsh attitude. After repeated considerations, we carefully selected the highly acclaimed raw material suppliers in the industry for cooperation, aiming to create high-quality products in synchronization with European and American standards.


American PPG Company (World Top 500)

Sweden Berg


American DuPont (Fortune 500)

Franco France



As the world's leading paint manufacturer, PPG has maintained close cooperation with Jiangxi Yalitai from product, technology to market, bringing weather resistance, pollution resistance, long-lasting color and excellent effect performance to building curtain walls. Based on this, we believe that the cooperation between PPG and Yalitai will become a good story in the building decoration materials industry.

PPG Coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

As a very competitive brand in the field of architectural metal curtain wall decoration, Alitai has shown its integrated system solutions for building curtain wall insulation and decoration for many industries. Chinalco is willing to work together with Alitai to meet different customers. The diversified and personalized needs of the company paint a more grand blueprint for the development of building metal curtain wall (roof) materials.

Aluminum Corporation of China

While upholding the tenet of excellent quality, Novartis always maintains a good and active cooperative relationship with Yalitai, and meets the high quality needs of customers with Yatai by first-class production technology, laying the foundation for Yalitai's continuous progress .

Novartis Protective Film (France) Co., Ltd.

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