How to clean and maintain aluminum-plastic panels

(Summary description)1. Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum-plastic panels

How to clean and maintain aluminum-plastic panels

(Summary description)1. Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum-plastic panels


1. Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum-plastic panels

Aluminum-plastic board surface baking paint needs regular professional cleaning and maintenance. Such cleaning is not just to keep the wall of the building clean and beautiful, but to regularly remove the dirt that is harmful to the paint on the surface of the paint to ensure the long-term quality of the paint. The cleaning of building walls should be done from top to bottom with manual or appropriate cleaning equipment. Do not use any corrosive objects to scrub the painted surface.

The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

(1) First rinse the surface of the board with plenty of water

(2) Use a soft cloth soaked with detergent diluted in water to gently wipe the board surface

(3) Rinse the surface with plenty of water to wash away the stolen goods

(4) Check the surface of the board, and focus on cleaning the places that are not cleaned with detergent

(5) Clean the surface with clean water until all the detergent is washed away

 Do not clean the hot plate surface (when the temperature exceeds 40) when cleaning the aluminum-plastic plate, because the volatilization of too fast water is harmful to the paint on the plate surface. It is particularly important to note that appropriate detergents should be selected, and a basic principle is that selective detergents must be selected. Do not use strong alkaline detergents (such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or sodium carbonate), strong acid detergents, corrosive detergents, and paint-soluble detergents. In addition, before cleaning in a large area, it is best to select a small piece of board for testing.

Second, the maintenance of the aluminum-plastic board after the wall decoration

(1) Before the completion of the construction of the aluminum-plastic board, the surface protection film shall not be torn off to avoid scratching the surface during the operation.

(2) The surface of the mirror aluminum plastic plate is bright and smooth, and the dust is not easy to adhere. Wipe it 2-3 times a month. Do not use nylon brushes, loofah cloths, volatile solvents or hydrochloric acid cleaners when wiping. Otherwise it will damage the mirror surface. It is best to use a soft cloth to clean the glass with a neutral detergent or a stain-removing oil produced by China National Petroleum Corporation.

(3) If the aluminum-plastic board is used in places with heavy outdoor humidity and easy to produce fog condensation, a soft cloth must be used to gently wipe off the fog to maintain the lasting and beautiful effect.


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